“The Patron Saint of Pretentious Halfwits” – the New Book by Damien Tavis Toman

by dttoman

We are pleased to announce that Damien Tavis Toman has released a new collection which includes, in addition to previously unpublished confessional material, a substantial amount of FICTION–consisting mostly of ghost-stories penned over the last five years.  Indeed, The Patron Saint of Pretentious Halfwits: Tales, Reflections, and Nightmares is a book filled with ghosts.  Haunting its two hundred pages one will find not only spooks of the more traditional order, but phantoms of faith, specters of regret, restless shades of longing, and–as the characteristically self-deprecating title suggests–more than a few wraiths of wit and whimsy.  Download your own copy of The Patron Saint of Pretentious Halfwits today from the Damien Tavis Toman collection at the Internet Archive.