End Times EP – now available for download

by dttoman

End Times EP – now available for download

It was March of 2012, and Damien Tavis Toman was preparing to put the last of his resources into recording what he knew would be the last album he would ever make: a worshipful tribute to death that would, for reasons known only to the artist himself, be completed but never released.  Before embarking on this apocalyptic project, however, Damien made six impromptu studio demos of songs that he had recently written and never intended to record.  Lost until now, it is these rare and intimate glimpses into an artist’s last creative surge that make up the End Times EP.  Appropriate to the era in which they were composed, each of these songs is about an ending: the end of love, the end of hope, the end of life, the end of friendship.  Raggedly epitomizing the Memorial Society’s motto, Nihil in Perpetuum Durat (“Nothing Lasts Forever”), End Times shows Damien Tavis Toman at the end of his rope and, arguably, at the top of his form.